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    ABB新开发的电容表CB-2000具有设计紧凑、重量轻的特点,便于在进行测量时携带。无需电源连接。收集的测量值可以很容易地传输到 PC 进行存储和分析。从 PC 中存储的值可以很容易地传输到仪表,以便在进行新测量时可用。

    测量电容是电容器组定期维护的重要组成部分。使用 CB-2000,即使是大型电容器组也可以快速轻松地测量,因为电容器组内不需要内部断开。

    CB-2000 使用简单,使用随附的肩带便于携带。测量值清晰地显示在 LCD 显示屏上,无论在白天还是在黑暗的环境中均可读取。


    测试信号由安装的可充电电池组或电源适配器产生,并通过两个电压夹连接到测量对象。测试电压为 1.1–1.4 V。测试电流使用夹式变压器测量,该变压器可轻松放置在电容器套管周围。对于每次测量,都会记录电容值、时间和温度。仪表可以处理来自每个测量对象的五次测量的数据。

    PC 上的分析 CB-2000 配备了一个程序,该程序可以通过 USB 电缆与 PC 进行数据传输。

    在测量之前,CB-2000 可以通过从先前进行的测量中上传数据来准备。测量完成后,测量值可以在 PC 上存储和分析。测量数据保存为制表符分隔的文本,可以在 Excel 或类似的电子表格程序中打开。

    Measuring capacitance is an important part of the regular  maintenance of capacitor banks. With the CB-2000, even  large capacitor banks can be measured quickly and easily  because no internal disconnections are necessary within the  capacitor bank. The CB-2000 is simple to use and easy to carry using the  supplied shoulder strap. The measured values are clearly presented on the LCD display, which can be read both in daylight  and in dark environments. Measurement principle The test signal is generated from the installed rechargeable battery pack or power adapter and connected to the  measurement object with two voltage clips. The test voltage  is 1.1–1.4 V. The test current is measured using a clip-on  transformer that is easily positioned around the capacitor’s  bushing. For each measurement, the capacitance value, time  and temperature are registered. The meter can handle data  from five measurements per measurement object. Analysis on PC The CB-2000 is supplied with a program that enables the  transfer of data to and from a PC via a USB cable. Prior to measurement, the CB-2000 can be prepared by uploading data from a previously conducted measurement. After  the measurements are made, the measurement values can  be stored and analyzed on a PC. Measurement data is saved  as tab-delimited text, which can be opened in Excel or similar  spreadsheet programs.

    Measurement data 

    Measuring range 0 – 1000 µF 

    Measurement accuracy ± 1.0% 

    Maximum load 2000 µF 

    Test voltage 1.1 – 1.4 VAC pk – pk, 40 – 160 Hz 

    Weight (CB-2000) 2.4 kg 

    Operating time More than 8 hours